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Misty Woodland

Sal et Lucem

Light of the World & Salt of the Earth

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Why would you want to be a saint?

I want to be happy and a big part of that is becoming a saint and becoming friends with God. This is my story about how JESUS  HEALED ME from muscular dystophy and put me on the pathway to becoming a saint.

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Becoming Saints

Sal et Lucem. Salt and Light. Two ordinary things that you don’t think about until you find yourself without one. Prepare a meal without salt. Walk around your house one night in the dark. Simple things used faithfully make a huge difference in your life. 

Where regular people form a relationship with Jesus on their way to becoming saints. For help becoming a saint please e-mail us. Stay salty my friends.

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Stay Salty

Jesus says that you are the salt and light of the world but what good are you if you lose your saltiness or the light that is within you? Check out our latest videos, blog posts, and activities below for ideas on how to stay salty and remain bright.

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"Where most men work for degrees after their names, we work for one before our names: 'St.'"

Mother Angelica

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