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Spiritual Coaching

Individualized Help to Become a Happier Person and Better Friends with God

You were created to be a saint. God's greatest desire is for you to be his friend--for you to be a saint. Spiritual Coaching is a great way for you to receive individualized guidance in your journey to become a saint and good friends with God. Spiritual Coaching helps you to become a happier, holier, person who is becoming good friends with God. Spiritual Coaching is not just for pastors or really religious people it is for anyone who wants a better happier life and friendship with God.goes beyond the spiritual guidance available at Sal et Lucem or in a Sunday worship service to help you become happy and full of joy by giving you proven tools to become better friends with God.

Spiritual Coaching: About Us

Sal et Lucem Spiritual Coaching

What to Expect

If you have never had Spiritual Coaching, sometimes call spiritual guidance or direction, don't worry Fr. Charles is here to guide you every step of the way. Spiritual Coaching is all about helping you to become a happier healthier person by giving you the tools to become better friends with God.

Spiritual Coaching is at its heart rooted in prayer and the belief that everyone is created to be a saint--to be God's friend. It is through this friendship with God that we find joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Each session is an intentional hour spent in prayer and conversation with one another where we discover those things that help you to become better friends with God. We also work through those things that are making it harder for you to reach your goals.

Whatever joys or challenges you may have in your life right now Spiritual Coaching is a great tool to transform your life and help you to become the person you were created to be.

I will hold you in daily prayer between our sessions and would ask that you do the same for me. We can meet in person (if you are near Columbia, SC) or via Skype or FaceTime from anywhere in the world.

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Spiritual Coaching: Who We Are

Just Who is Spiritual Coaching For?

Spiritual Coaching: What We Do
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Spiritual Coaching

It is for you

If you feel a bit stuck in life or at work Spiritual Coaching is for you. If you want to be a happier person Spiritual Coaching is for you. If you want a better friendship with God Spiritual Coaching is for you. If you are struggling to find meaning Spiritual Coaching is for you. 

We are each different people who have different joys and challenges in our lives. Spiritual Coaching is a way to work on overcoming the challenges you face. Spiritual Coaching is a way to approach life with more joy. You will work one on one with someone who is skilled at helping people work through the challenges that keep them from being the people God has created them to be.

Can I Afford This

Spiritual Coaching is valuable because it helps you deepen your relationship with God and become a healthier, happier, more productive person. Sal et Lucem wants to help you in your journey to become a saint. We offer Spiritual Coaching at an affordable rate so that as many people as possible can take advantage of Spiritual Coaching. If cost presents a challenge for you please speak with us directly and we will work with you.

Spiritual Coaching: Programs
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St. Michael and All Angels' Parishoners

Fr. Charles is excited to work with you on all your spiritual needs and to coach you into being a healthier happier person. There is no fee for SMAA parishioners who want to take part in Spiritual Coaching.

Community Members

Fr. Charles  wants to help you become a saint and to help you be the best you possible. The fee is $45 per session for Spiritual Coaching

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You are in a formative time in your life and there is no better time to start Spiritual Coaching and working on becoming a happier, healthier, holier person. The fee for students is $25 per session

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