• The Rev. Charles Smith

Following Jesus its like salt for your life

Sal et Lucem. Salt and Light. Two ordinary things you don't really think about until you find yourself without them. Prepare a meal without salt. Walk around your house one night in the dark. Simple things used faithfully make a huge difference in your life.

Following Jesus is not this extra-ordinary thing. You were made to follow Jesus. Genesis talks about Adam and Eve walking and talking with God every night. Following Jesus is about walking and talking with God. It is just an ordinary thing done faithfully that makes a huge difference in your life.

Living your life without Jesus is like trying to cook without salt or walking around your house with the lights off. Sure you can do it but it's a lot harder. Sal et Lucem is a place where ordinary people come for inspiration to support your life with Jesus.

Stay Salty my friends,


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