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God Loves Me-Can't We Just be Friends?

You are loved by God just the way you are. There is nothing you could ever say or do to make God love you any more or less. GOD LOVES YOU! The first step to becoming friends with God is knowing deep in your bones that God really does love you. Great. What's next?

You have a choice to make. Do you want God's love and friendship in your life?

If you do not want God's love and friendship in your life there is nothing else to do. Just carry on. Don't be surprised if God knocks on your door again. God loves you too much to quit on you just because you won't answer the door the first time.

If you want God's love in your life then, it is time to start laying the foundations for a good relationship. God made you to be friends with him. Our first parents, Adam and Eve of Genesis fame, walked and talked with God every night. They were God's friends. You can be his friend too. Developing a friendship with God is a whole lot like developing a friendship with anybody else.

My wife, Chrissy and I, with The Revs. Rickenbaker and our Goddaughter

Starting a friendship with God is a lot easier than you might think. Your friendship with God is a lot like your other friendships. If you want to be good friends with someone you need to spend time with them. There simply is no substitute for spending time together to grow that friendship. God has created you to have a friendship with him. All you need to do is start talking with God.

Talk with God every day and you will find your love for God growing.. The fancy word for this is "praying." Praying is not as special or fancy as it might sound. Praying is simply talking with God.

What kind or words can you even use to talk with God. Use whatever words you use when talking with a good friend. If you use really long complex words with your friends then use those words with God. If you use simple words with good friends then use those words with God. There are no right or wrong words when talking with God. Just start talking with each other.

Join me every Monday night on Facebook Live for a brief service of Evening Prayer on the Sal et Lucem Facebook Page.

Stay Salty my friends,


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