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  • The Rev. Charles Smith

Halloween is CHRISTIAN?

From ghoulies and ghosties And long-leggedy beasties And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!

Some would tell you that Halloween is a pagan or satanic holiday and it tricks children into dangerous spiritual territory. Some, probably most, would tell you that Halloween is a treat for children because it gives them an excuse to dress up and feast on too much candy. But what if I told you that they are both wrong.

Halloween, or as it used to be called All Hallows Eve, is the night in the Christian calendar before All Hallows Day. All Hallows Day, better known as All Saints Day, is when Christians throughout the world commemorate and remember the great champions of the Christian faith who have come before us. The people commemorated on All Hallows Day are what I call "Big S" saints, but be careful how you pronounce that lest you get in trouble.

The "Big S" saints are the ones you have likely heard of like the twelve disciples, or St. Mary (Jesus' mom), or St. Paul, or St. Mother Theresa. There are many many more of these "Big S" saints and many of them are likely known to God only. But these are people who lived holy lives and departed this life for the next in perfect friendship with God. Christians remember these "Big S" saints so that we can have examples of how to live our lives so that when our time on earth is ended we too might be in perfect friendship with God. "Big S" saints from our day and time show us that friends with God is NOT something that only people from the bible could become but something that YOU working with God's grace can become too.

If you are going to celebrate Halloween, and chances are you will, then take this time to teach your kids something about a "Big S" saint and how they can become friends with God. Then put on a fun costume, perhaps even dress up as a "Big S" saint because a lot of their lives could make some pretty great costumes (I'm looking at you St. John the Baptist with your head on a platter), go out there and get some candy. When you get home give God thanks for your abundant blessings.

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