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  • The Rev. Charles Smith

Why do we NEED the Saints? Fishing. That’s Why!

We don’t NEED the saints do we? I thought Jesus came so that we could simply go directly to God without the need for a priest, or a saint, or anyone else to stand as a go-between. The short answer is that Jesus does open the way for us to approach God with confidence in his love and care for us. No one and nothing can stand between us and God’s love of us.

So why bother praying with the saints or learning anything about them. Why worry about the Blessed Virgin Mary at all if we can just go to Jesus, who is better than Mary any ways?

Let me tell you a little story about fishing.

I'm learning to Saltwater fish. I must admit that despite my excitement I should hate to think that dinner for tonight depended upon my own acumen and skill.

I've fished as a little boy with Garland Woolwine (AKA my Paw-Paw with a truck) and now

perhaps 10 times with my father in law. My father in law has been generous with me and given me a bunch of tackle, two rods, and two reels. I've even been bold enough to venture out a few trips on my own but have not been massively successful on my own.

Each time I go my father in law teaches me something about fishing. There are so many things to learn new knots (there are endless knots one should really know), how much weight to tie onto the line, which line to use and when, what sort of lures or bait to use in which situation and so many more things that I don’t even know I don’t know about them yet.

If I gave you a rod and reel and turned you loose you would find that the basic concept of fishing is not really that hard. You take some line put it on a reel. You connect the reel to a rod. A hook and some bait goes onto the line connected to the rod and reel and this all goes into the water. But actually catching something, especially something you can eat, is quite a bit harder. You need someone who really knows about fishing to serve as a guide.

I went out flounder fishing with my new tackle to a pier down in Beaufort, SC that should have been brilliant for flounder fishing. The water was right, the location was right, and after hours of effort I had nothing to show for it. Not one bite. Maybe that is why they call it fishing and not catching!

I spoke with a friend who actually knows what he is doing and is good at flounder fishing. He corrected two little things I was doing wrong. Next time I went down to Beaufort I got my flounder. Sometimes you just need a friend who really knows what they are doing to set you straight.

Lovely story about fishing right? Thank you.

But seriously, why can't I just go straight to Jesus myself?

There is no reason that you can't. Sometimes, most of the time, things just are nicer and with a friend. The Blessed Virgin Mary and the other saints are friends who are really good at being friends with God and becoming saints. They have an awful lot to teach us about becoming good friends with God and becoming saints.

It’s not that we can’t just go to Jesus ourselves but developing a good friendship with God is easier to do with some help along the way. Life can be tough and trying at times and the prayers of the saints and the examples of their lives can go a long ways to helping.

A new video & blog post will go up every Thursday for the next several weeks as we explore how we can use the Blessed Virgin Mary and the other saints to become better friends with God. Join us on Zoom Tuesdays at 6 PM for a group discussion.

Check out the first post in this series and Stay Salty my friends.

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